Notice of Meeting of the Membership

January 2, 2018 – 6:30pm – Race Track Hall



Dear Members of MRAS,

Further to our Annual General Meeting on December 4, 2017, the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has advised that even though the MRAS By-Laws indicate that the board can appoint board members, in the event of a vacancy, the Ministry is requesting that MRAS first hold a special meeting of the membership to nominate a board member or members to the board. 

Currently, the board is made up of 11 members of the Society.  The Agriculture Societies Act requires a minimum of 12 members and the previous board was unable to attract any additional board members at the AGM.

The existing board is currently seeking an additional board member or members in order to meet the legislative requirements.    This is where we need your help.   Please consider putting your name forward or suggesting a candidate for a position on the MRAS Board of Directors.

The implications of not having a full slate of 12 board members could result in grant applications being denied. Our annual agricultural grant application, of approximately $100k in 2017, due on or around January 15, 2018 could be declined. Further, any other Provincial or Federal grants applied for at any time during 2018 would put MRAS offside, resulting in the loss of those grants. If these grants are lost, it could force major cutbacks, or we may have to consider other ways to raise funds to run the facility.  

Please contact myself at 587-432-2050 or at mraspresident@gmail.com should you have any questions, or wish to have your name stand for director, or wish to nominate someone. We do not have to limit the number of directors on the Board (the MRAS board would like to see a maximum of 15), but we do have to maintain a minimum of 12.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


President of the Board