The Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society has been in existence for more than one hundred years, its origins older than the province of Alberta itself.

As the years and generations have come and gone, the social and economic development of both the MRAS and our surrounding community have remained intertwined through a shared history as well as programs and services built from the grassroots out.

Our non-profit Society has flourished and grown through the last century because we have always taken pride in providing programs and facilities for the young people in our community, many of whom have parents, grandparents and great grandparents who had served faithfully as members and volunteers in earlier eras, setting an example for the next generation to follow.

We rely on more than 100 members and over 300 volunteers to ensure that tradition of giving back to the community preserves our three large historical events, the Races, the Fair and the Rodeo while the summer Millarville Farmers' Market and the Millarville Christmas Market in November are also important platforms in preserving our agricultural heritage.

As a Society, we know we have much to do if we hope to remain relevant in our community into the next century, particularly while continuing to embrace the traditions and values of our Founders.

Our vision is one that could have been written in those opening moments in 1905, when we say we want to be "an organization in which all members take pride and ownership in a self-sustaining, progressive and dynamic centre for the community, that preserves its history, traditions and natural environment to promote rural and agricultural experiences in a welcoming and co-operative manner."

The facilities at MRAS have grown to become important focal points for community user groups but continue to bear the weight of more than 100,000 people who pass through our gates and use our facilities in a typical year.

We will be looking to upgrade our facilities and programming on a continual bases to meet our bold vision but will need the same spirit of commitment and cooperation we saw in the opening moments of our creation, when the newly formed Race Club bought the first land in 1905, when the Fair was formed in 1907 and when it all came together as the new MRAS with the Hall Association in 1951.

We urge you to come out and participate as a member or a volunteer or to simply have fun at our Markets and Events as we move forward into the next century.

Malcolm Sills, President, Millarville Racing & Agricultural Society, 2014


We can be reached at 403-931-3411 or office@millarvilleracetrack.com

Treasured memories. . . . . . being a kid, winning the bunny competition at the Priddis & Millarville Fair and attracting the attention of the local press.

Watermelon Eating Contest, 1989